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Sammy, the Snickers Snake

Old Snakeville was a scary scene
That haunting night of Halloween.
Dim moonbeams danced about the street
As Sammy left for "Hiss or Treat."

In a snug tube sock, clean and white,
Red ribbons wrapped around so tight,
Our Sammy Snake went out the hole
All dressed up as a barber pole.

His small snake heart was skipping beats
As he thought about the coming treats.
He crossed the road between two cars
Dreaming of those sssssssnicker bars.

He headed for the old oak tree,
That's where his young snake friends would be.
Big Bill Boa and Alfred Adder,
Both dangling from that big old ladder.

A friendly witch came swooping by
To bring a warning from the sky.
"Oh, little snake, get out of sight
I see the vampire's out tonight."

With vampires you will always find
That they have got your neck in mind.
To think about it makes snakes pale
Cause snakes are neck from head to tail.

And as poor Sammy turned around
A black winged creature hit the ground.
About this I will make no jokes,
We know who's here now don't we, folks?

The vampire turned, red cape flowing,
Big wild eyes, long fangs were glowing.
From this dark and dangerous sight
Our Sammy Snake froze stiff from fright.

The vampire said, "Well, bless my soul,
I'll hang my cape on the this little pole."
He threw his cape on Sammy's head.
Scared Sammy wished that he were dead.

As the vampire took a little break
Poor Sammy Snake began to shake.
He tried to stop but lost that battle,
As his little tail let out a rattle.

"Oh, you're no pole, for goodness sake,
Why, you're a juicy little snake."
Sam's heart said "Run," his head said, "Stay.
It's now too late to run away."

He prayed, "Oh, Dear God in the sky,
I think that I'm about to die.
Please send some help one way or other
And I'll stop teasing my little brother."

Then from the dark a group appeared.
A miracle, but sort of weird.
Three friends came walking to his side.
The vampire's eyes flashed open wide.

The viper brothers Vack and Voss
Had dressed together like a cross.
Sammy's buddy, Jake the Snake,
Was halloweening as a stake.

Sam grabbed the brothers, held them high
And looked that vampire in the eye.
He had him then and couldn't miss.
And told him with a good long hisssss,

"I hold the cross, you must depart
Or feel this stake deep in your heart."
The vampire whimpered with a frown,
"You are the smartest snake in town.

"You know that I will leave this place,
That cross must never pass my face.
The stake would finally do me in.
Young snake, you won't see me again.

"I praise you for you are so bold,
But snake blood is a little cold.
Goodbye, I must now blow this scene
And search for some warm human being."

Then he was gone, the deed was done.
They gave themselves a big "HIGH ONE."
Four little snakes were on a roll.
This cross, this stake, and the barber pole!

When back in town they saw a crowd.
They all were cheering long and loud,
"Hooray for Sammy, way to go,
You saved our necks, you're our hero."

The King Snake coiled, then gave a toast
"Here's to the snake we love the most."
Gave Sammy Snake a "HERO" star,
And a great big five pound Snickers bar.

—Grandpa Tucker
Copyright ©1996 by Bob Tucker

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